When it comes to newborn photography, you can count on Baby Love Photography Studio to deliver. We provide all of our clients with a gorgeous selection of high-definition photos for you and your family to cherish forever. Whether you’re looking for an elegant, custom-designed album, or you simply want a few shots of your little one’s smile, explore the endless possibilities of working with the best Baby Photography Studio in Chiayi County, Taiwan.

Janet Lai is a professional newborn photographer/artist in Taiwan.
She helps many of the families photograph each single and precious moment when the baby comes to the world. At Janet's studio, she offers the highest quality of service and merchandise with the most professional and abundant experiences.

Janet's photography is a combination of sense and sensibility. With different periods, experiences and roles changing in life, in addition to her 7 yearly background of science and technology and 10 years of contemporary dance experiences, these have enabled her to present rational arts by skillfully making good use between light and lens, and distinctly guide the families to perform naturally. The Irreplaceable experience of being a mother, has perfectly brought "love" into Janet's photography works.

She has always believed that being a newborn artist has a mission of bringing happiness, joy and hope to each family. When the moment baby is brought to the world, it has given the mother more love for the baby and more reasons to love herself. Other than that, it also gives the whole family perpetual meanings. We shall always be grateful and thankful for welcoming our blessed babies to the world.

More Experiences

Janet 個人經歷:
2015 - 美國奧勒岡州|進修新生兒攝影專業技巧
2016 - PPAC 亞洲國際攝影 寶寶攝影類組 | 銀獎
2016 - 澳洲 | 獲得新生兒攝影-寶寶拍攝安全技術
2017 - 美國Belly Baby and Beyond Conference
2017 - 國際新生兒攝影協會APNPI QNP 認證
2017 - 澳洲 | The Baby Summit
2017 - 台灣|承辦美國知名新生兒攝影大師Ana Brandt在台Workshop
2016 - 2018 台灣|新生兒拍攝安全、拍攝技巧教學講師
2019 - 澳洲|進修新生兒拍攝技巧

2019 - 美國|Baby And Kids 研討會

2020 - 全球線上研討會|Newborn Retreat


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